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Volunteer Opportunities    Volunteer Application VIC Login Why Volunteer? "Hi, welcome to our museum. I hope you enjoy your visit. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask any of our docent volunteers. We love to talk about these airplanes and the history of World War II." This is typical of the greeting you may hear upon visiting. So who are these volunteers and why do they volunteer? Right now, most of our volunteers served in various capacities during this war. Many were pilots, some served on ships or in the army. Some served stateside, but they served. Then there are volunteers like myself who were just kids during that war but have grown up understanding and respecting what this generation did for America's freedom. This is a war we might have lost but thanks to this generation, we did not lose. And we preserved freedoms not only for ourselves but for the world. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please visit our Job Opportunities site to learn more about the exciting possibilities. Then fill out our Victory Squadron Membership Application. Some one will contact you to set up a time to meet with you and tell you more. about our wonderful volunteer organization. Please click on the buttons above for information and the application. A typical training class for new volunteers  The Palm Springs Air Museum is more than an air museum, it is a World War II History Museum. Volunteering at the museum helps perpetuate the legacy of freedom given to us by the World War II generation. Important as these benefits are, these are not the only reasons for volunteering. As a volunteer, you learn history--a lot of it from those who made it. You meet interesting people, not only other volunteers but also visitors. I have discovered that people who are inclined to visit our museum are characteristically very friendly and fun to get to know. But the real "kicker" is to find yourself in an environment surrounded by heroes. They deny it of course, but its true. I speak of heroes that you will not find in Hollywood or our nation's capitols. True heroes who stepped up to the line when our nation was threatened. True heroes whose courage and character sustained them through the most vicious war in world history. Heroes who persevered to win that war then returned home to build our nation. If you would like to contribute a few hours a week and work with some wonderful WWII Vets: Email: bferst@aol.com
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